Project 176 Andi Mancin ft. Adrianna – TRACE (REMIX DJ JOHNNY BRAVO)

Project 176 and Andi Mancin - new remix and new release

Hi Guys i'm proud to announce that my latest remix for Project 176 and Andi Mancin is out now. Remix is definitelly my vision of summer sound and atmosphere. On vocals You can find Adrianna Styrcz is Polish Wokalist from Wroclaw. Sound of vocal got attitude and its very sweet 🙂 #Housemusic Housemusic   Preorder: Odzież PROJECT176: Andi Mancin na fb: Andi Mancin for fans na fb: PROJECT176 na fb: Adrianna Styrcz na fb: Marta Karpińska na fb: Debiutancki singiel PROJECT176 Andi Mancin ft. Adrianna scenariusz i reżyseria - Mateusz Winkiel montaż - Urwany Film Kinematografia realizacja i produkcja - Title: Trace ; Artist: PROJECT176 Andi Mancin ft. Adrianna (DJ JOHNNY BRAVO REMIX); Single: Trace (REMIX) ; Lyrics: Adrianna Styrcz; Producer: PROJECT176 Andi Mancin; Label: PROJECT176 Andi Mancin ; Video: PROJECT176 Andi Mancin ;